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    .223 Remington, 'Mixed' Head Stamp, nickel cases 250 Pack. .243 Winchester .25-06 Rem, Mixed Head Stamps
    .223 Rem / 5.56mm, Range Cases, 2500 Pack.243 Winchester, 'Remington' Brass Cases 20 Pack.25-06 Remington - 'Remington' , Brass cases, 20 pack

    .223 Remington, Range Brass 2500 Pack

    .243 Winchester, 'Remington' head stamp, Brass 20 Pack

    These used .25-06 Rem, Mixed Head Stamps  20+1 per pack.





    .300 Remington Ultra Mag .338 Win Mag, Mixed Head Stamp,Brass Cases .38 Special, Mixed Head Stamp, Brass
    .300 Rem Ultra Mag, 'Remington' Brass, 20 Pack.338 Lupua, 'Lupua' Head Stamp, Brass Cases, 20 Pack.38 Special Mixed Head Stamps, Brass 100 Pack

    .300 Remington Ultra Mag, 'Remington' 20 Pack

    These .338 Lupua, Mixed Head Stamp, Brass Cases, 20 Pack are polished and reloadable and have 20 per pack.

    38 special mixed head stamp brass, 100 pack




    .380 ACP Brass Cases .45 ACP Premium Brass Cases 10mm Mixed Head Stamp, Brass 100 Pack
    .380 ACP, Mixed Head Stamp, Brass 100 Pack.45 ACP Premium 'Federal' Cases, 100 pack10mm Mixed Head Stamp, Brass 50 Pack

    These are .380 ACP Mixed Head Stamp, Polished Brass Cases in reloadable condition. There are 100 per package. 

    .45 ACP, 'Federal' Cases, Brass, 100 pk. 

    10mm Mixed Head Stamp, Brass mix, 50 Pack.   





    7.62 X 54R Brass Cases 7mm-08 Brass Cases (picture not available) 9mm luger range brass
    7.62 X 54R Brass Cases, 20 Pack7mm-08 Rem- 'Remington' Brass Cases, 20 Pack9mm Range Cases, 100 Pack

    7.62 X 54R Brass Cases are reloadable and have 20+1 per pack. The extra one is placed to insure a reloadable quantity

    These 7mm-08 'Remington' Brass Cases, 20+1 per pack.

         These 9mm Cases are straight off the range floor, screened for size and sold in packs of 100.  They are counted by weight at .915 lbs per packaged unit.





    .270 Winchester, Mixed Head Stamp, .30-06 Springfield, Mixed Head Stamps .300 Winchester Magnum
    .270 Win, Mixed Head Stamp Brass cases, 20 pack.30-06 Springfield, Mixed Head Stamps, Range Brass 20 pack.300 Win Mag, 'Federal', Brass 20 Pack

    .270 Win, Mixed Head Stamp, Brass, 20 pk. 

    .30-06 Spr. Mixed Manufacturer, Brass, 20 pk

    .300 Win Mag, w/ 'Federal' Head Stamps, Brass 20 Pack






    7.62 X 39 Brass Cases, 100 Pack 5.7 X 28 .40 S&W Cases
    7.62 X 39 Brass Cases, 100 PackFN 5.7 X 28mm 100 pk.40 S&W Premium 'Remington Cases, 100 pack

    7.62 X 39 Brass Cases, 100 Pack Brass Cases are reloadable and have 100+ per pack.

    5.7 X 28  100pk

    These .40 S&W, 'Remington' Cases are polished Brass with 100+ per pack. Hand packaged and selected for their head stamps and condition.  They all have the Remington "R-P" headstamp and are boxer primed and have had no military crimp.






    .44 S&W Special Cases
    .44 S&W Special Brass Cases, 50 pack

    These are .44 Special, Mixed head stamp, Brass cases. These Cases are reloadable and have 50+1 per pack. This brass is all Mixed head stamps and are all brass pieces which have been hand selected for their condition and loadability. A single...



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