.264 Winchester Magnum, Mixed Brass 20 pack

These are .264 Winchester, Mixed Brand Brand Brass.  These Brass and/ or nickel cases are reloadable and have 20+1 per pack. This brass is all Mixed head stamps and are all brass pieces which have been hand selected for their condition and loadability. 

A single additional piece has been added as a step to further insure the requested, reloadable case quantity. These cases have not been sized, decapped or trimmed and may need to be sized and trimmed before loading the first time.  These cases have been polished enough to determine structural quality only.  These cases are NOT YET loaded ammunition.

This brass comes from indoor or outdoor 'covered' ranges and may have minor dings, dents or slight imperfections. Most flaws can be easily removed upon resizing or will be shot out upon the first firing. This brass . These Brass pieces have been tumbled and in most cases not yet deprimed. This brass is sold as-is.

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