.308 Winchester Cases

.308 Winchester   

Shown are the product availabilities by manufacturer or appearance.  These classifications including but are not limited to Remington Brass, Federal Brass, Winchester Brass, Mixed product Head stamp in both Brass and Nickel or a brass nickel mix.  Also shown are the availibilities of 7.62 X51mm mixed military and other brass

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.308 Win, 'Federal' Cases .308 Win, Mixed Head Stamp Cases .308 Win, 'Federal' Cases
.308 Lake City Cases, Brass 100 pk.308 Various Civilian brands,100 pk (no crimp).308 WCC Cases, Brass 100 pk

.308 Lake City Brass, 100 pk

308 Mixed Mfgr, Brass 100 pk (no crimp)

.308 WCC Brass, 100 pk




.308 Win, 'Federal' Cases .308 Win, 'Winchester' Cases .308 Win, 'Remington' Cases
.308 Win, 'Federal' Cases, Brass 20 pack.308 Win, Mixed' Cases, nickel 20 pack.308 Win, 'Remington' Cases, Brass 20 pack

These .308 Winchester, 'Federal' Cases are polished Brass with 20+1 per pack.  They all have the 'Federal' headstamp and are boxer primed and have had no military crimp.

 .308 Winchester,  Mixed Cases  Nickel with 20+1 per pack.

.308 Win, 'Remington' Cases 20pk. 






.308 Win, 'Winchester' Cases 7.62 X 51mm or .308 Win, Mixed Head Stamp Cases .308 Win, Mixed Head Stamp Cases
.308 Win, 'Winchester' Cases, Brass 20 pack7.62 X 51mm (.308 Win), Mixed Head , Brass 700 pk.308 Military, Mixed Mfg, w/crimp 100 pk

.308 Winchester, 'Winchester' Cases 20 pk

These 7.62 X 51mm or .308 Winchester, Mixed Head Stamp Cases are Brass with 700 + per pack

308 Military, Mixed Mfgr, w/crimp Brass 100+ pk




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