7mm and 7.62 Rifle Calibers



To include the 7mm Mauser,7mm-08,7mm Weatherby,7mm Remington Magnum,7mm Remington ultra mag,7mm WSM as well as others as they become available.  The 7.62's are a sub category of the 7mm's shown below. 

Product availabilities are by manufacturer or appearance.  These classifications including but are not limited to Remington Brass, Federal Brass, Winchester Brass, Mixed product Head stamp in both Brass and Nickel or a brass nickel mix.


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    7.62 X 54R Brass Cases 7X57mm (7mm Mauser) Brass Cases .243 WSM brass
    7.62 X 54R Brass Cases, 20 Pack7mm Mauser,7X57mm Brass/ Nickel, 20 Pack7mm WSM, Various Mfg, Brass 20 pack

    7.62 X 54R Brass Cases 20 pk 

    7mm mauser, Brass/ nickel 20 pk.

    7mm WSM, Mixed Mfg. Brass 20 pk





    7X57mm (7mm Mauser) Brass Cases 7.62 X 54R Brass Cases 7mm STW
    7.5 X 55mm Swiss Brass, 20 Pack7.65 Argentine Brass Cases, 20 Pack7mm STW, 'Remington' Brass, 20 Pack

    7.5X55mm, mixed mfgrs, brass 20 pk.

    7.65 Argentine Brass Cases are reloadable and have 20+1 per pack. The extra one is placed to insure a reloadable quantity

    7mm STW, brass, 20 Pack