9mm luger cases

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    Shown are the product availabilities by manufacturer or appearance of 9mm Brass.  These classifications including but are not limited to Remington Brass, Federal Brass, Winchester Brass as well as a mixed nickel product.  Mixed Head stamp (range pick up) in Brass availabily is also shown here.

I will be discontinuing the 9mm's and 40's premium head stamp specific products when current inventories are gone.  Going forward, I will be offering only range accumulated product in these two sizes. 

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.40 range brass 9mm Remington Cases 9mm Federal Cases
9mm Range Brass, 5000ct /Box9mm Luger Premium 'Remington' Cases, 100 Pack9mm Luger 'Federal' Cases, 100 Pack

These 9mm Cases are straight off the range floor and sold in packs of 5000.  They have been only screened and counted by weight. They have not been hand sorted nor processed / polished or culled.

9mm 'Remington', Brass 100 pk.

These 9mm Luger, 'Federal' Cases 100 pk







9mm Luger Mixed Head Stamp, Nickel 9mm luger range brass
9mm Luger, Mixed Head Stamp, Nickel 100 pack9mm Range Cases, 100 Pack

9mm, Mixed head stamp, Nickel Plated 100 Pk

     These 9mm Cases are straight off the range floor, screened for size and sold in packs of 100.  They are counted by weight at .915 lbs per packaged unit.





9mm luger brass cases